“-what type of place is this surrounded by water and time – venice preserv’d - we are in a place where the old preserve so the young must stand up and take what is rightfully theirs – the future - the time could be then or it could be now – morally corrupt and under the threat of flood – what’s new in that –"
Eliot from the Prologue by Owen McCafferty

Thomas Otway’s Venice Preserv’d is a significant work in the cannon of classical theatre with an illustrious performance history. Henry Irving, Paul Scofield, John Gielgud, Edmund Kean, Ian McKellan and Edith Evans have all bought this tale of corruption, friendship and love to life on the English stage.

In a company led by the classical stars of tomorrow including Jessie Buckley, Ferdinand Kingsley and Ashley Zhangazha, The Spectators’ Guild will stage this rarely performed masterpiece under the Italianate arches of Paynes and Borthwick. By transforming the heart of old maritime Greenwich into “The Most Serene Republic of Venice” the audience are invited into a fully realised immersive world to join in the carnival before uncovering a tale of love, corruption, friendship, rebellion and betrayal.

Classic stagecraft meets site responsive event theatre.

Welcome to the Serene Republic.

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